Who we are​?

We are experts in product data interoperability and product development. ​We have a background in systems engineering, product management and research. We are engaged in the OSLC community, driving the Eclipse Lyo project and actively working on OASIS OSLC specifications.

What we do?

We support engineering organizations with the methodology and tools to share and collaborate through their product data. In practice, we provide a toolbox for information modelling and API development.

What are the benefits?

You achieve more effective product development by enabling people to collaborate through traceable and quality data. By always working with correct information, you lower your costs and increase your time to market. You also achieve sustainable traceability throughout your tool chain – over time!



Digitalize &
protect your product data​

Bring your engineering artefacts to life, by making them securely accessible in real-time to relevant stakeholders – as digital web artefacts.​ Move away from isolated file-based engineering data to avoid the associated cost of handling multiple transformations and inconsistent copies.​


Securely share your federated product data

Bring your federated product data together as a single whole.  ​Yet, master and keep it where it belongs, to keep control over its source and integrity​. Allow applications to create traceability links across your federated product data, without having to transform, duplicate nor synchronize.


Build a standard-based – tailored toolchain

Use your preferred combination of engineering applications, integrating the underlying product data using the OSLC standard.​ Define and maintain the information  model – specific to your organisation – around which all your applications can communicate.